Ignorance is bliss….

Posted: October 29, 2010 in News
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…so my blog must be pretty damn happy as i have been ignoring the shit out of it.

Things i have been doing over the last couple of months.

1) Working on material for some new releases. Announcements will come whenever details get sorted i guess.

2) Getting to know Colz and Konspiracy of the Standard Crew, sound heads with piles of talent who seem happy enough to give me advice and help, which is greatly appreciated.

3) Buying Technics. The bullet was well and truly bitten and i picked up a pair of 1200 MK2’s last night. Had some wee sessions today with Ganjdalf (Tumbleweed) and Welfare (generally fucking bass warrior). Proper back2backage on the way tomorrow with Welfare and then should be meeting up with the aforementioned Konspiracy soon to get absolutely schooled. That dude can mix like a motherfucker.

4) Watching movies and generally being disappointed by them. Despite the Box Office gross, Hollywood was never really a place where you would expect to find a great movie, but they did have a habit of making good ones. For some reason over the last 12 months it all seems to have gone to shit. No idea why. I’ll be sticking with Asian cinema for a while i think. Hollywood, sort your fucking head out.

5) Playing computer games and generally being impressed by them. It seems all the writing talent has jumped ship to computer games.

6) Running Stomp on a every two week/Thursday night Flex. And it’s doing well. So far we’ve had SubOne and CJ Fitz and Welfare and Don Rosco. Up next week SectionFive and Konspiracy and that will be followed up by Eomac and A-force. It’s been fun and it goes out live on Ustream. You can watch it at the following address.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stomp-southwilliam

7) Kicking it with AK of the Theoretics. Sound skin? I think so.

That’s about it for now, i’ll try and get into the habit of updating this more often, and being less Aido centric, but I’m thinking about starting a new blog for general Irish electronica bizzle. We’ll see how that works out though.


Free Milyoo

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Nope, he ain’t on lock  down. Just giving away a class track.

Get it.

 <span><a href=”http://soundcloud.com/milyoo/what-it-is”>What It Is</a> by <a href=”http://soundcloud.com/milyoo”>milyoo (mēl-yü)</a></span>


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As well as the production thing, i also quite enjoy the old photography as well. Needless to say, i like getting into the club with my camera in two. Below are a selection of from shots from the recent BassOff gigs.

Drokkr laying down a fat set.

MC Sebi C on the mic

Antrophe hitting hard for Dublin


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Big shout out to the Dirty Radio crew who will be broadcasting a one hour mix i did for them later today(8pm UK time). Fill with my own productions i had a bit of fun with it and maybe mixed in a some tracks i am sometimes guilty of ignoring. A smooth ride, then a bump ride, plenty there for various fans of various styles. Just click here to go and listen to it.

Kong is King

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Aggressive. Almost to the point of assault. Prince Kong doesn’t fuck around. He likes to dress noise up as music then take it around in loops and up and down in curves and before you know it your lost on a dark dance floor with heaving bodies all around you. It becomes a kind of animal thing, a creature of primitive nature, an effective audible throwback to darker days when might made right and you owned what you could keep and there was always something looking to take what’s yours. It sounds like hyperbole i know, but it’s really not.

Tonights !K club ( a benchmark night on the Dublin scene when heads from all the crews show up to see who’s gonna drop what and an eager and avid crowd gathers to support the guys on stage ) saw the last Irish gig of Prince Kong before he takes himself off to Berlin. An interesting character to say the least, i’ve been lucky enough to chat to Kong a couple of times and i have to say, i like the guy. Mild mannered and polite, quiet and well spoken…it all falls apart on stage to reveal a true master of, and monster at, vicious electronic music. Crunching kicks and ludicrous bass come at you so hard and so fast it’s like being in a fight…and in a way it is. Your really just trying to keep your head above water, move with the blows and survive to the rare lulls when you recoup, reset your head and get stuck into the next wave of sound that is going to come pouring your way.

I could go on, but i won’t….going on is not something i am capable off right now…all i will say is, if you are lucky enough to see a poster that tells you Prince Kong is doing a gig near you…remember the date and go to it. Polish up your bass face and leave your social sensibilities at the door, plug directly into your hind brain and just cut loose.

Big ups to Morphamish at Urge Mode and the Black Lanter Music group in general. Not often that anyone shows any interest in the softer and more melodic side of my productions (label wise, the listeners love them) so it was nice to put out a full EP of that type of thing. Just click on the pic above to be carried off to where you can download the EP for free.
In other news, the two BassOff gigs were absolutely savage affairs. Big crowds turning out to support local talent is always a nice thing to see and the Dublin and Cork brethren showed up on mass for these nights. Massive respect to Welfare for leading the charge on it and Psymonok for Cork based organisation. The two gigs saw massive sets from Drokkr, Antrophe, A-Force, Man-G, DJ Class A, Richie !K, Psymonok and Jonzey. Sebi C was there on mic duties and i dropped a couple of dubs myself in what has turned out to be my favourite live experience to date. Wicked stuff, we want more!
Coming this Weekend :
Friday night see’s a savage night (once again) in the Twisted Pepper. The practically almighty Kode9 leads the charge, with Stacks of the Reach crew and Gon ( who has a new release out on vinyl with Infrasonics and it’s some HOT SHIT!) on supporting duties. In the Mezz will be Gamepak with Drokkr and Shere Khan bringing what is sure to be a hard night of tough beats.
To get you nice and warmed up, you can find a savage mix by Stacks here. Click the flyer below to be whisked off to the Facebook page for the event and hit attending. It’s gonna be massive.

Standard EP#3

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The Standard Crew are in a party mood if the new Standard EP (No.3 in what must sure becoming one of the most anticipated montly releases on the Irish scene) is anything to go by. Leading with the impressive “Imperial” by Major Grave and Bob, it’s a fat slice of grime that bounds along and is sure to get dance floors heaving. Opening with a hefty strings melody that soon glitches and twists it’s way into a hard hitting percussion line that leads with an almost omnipresent kick drum your pretty much instantly moving. The groove is tremendous and infectious before breaking down into 8-bit sounds and vicious bassy kicks until eventually the jar is all the way full and the track spills over the edges as all the elements find a sudden unity and you just know in a dark club towards the end of a long night you’d have a lot of hands reaching for a ceiling that was dripping.

The Gon remix seems to grab the heart of the song and submerse it in murky water, the melody and the funk remains but everything has taken on an odd audio murk that hints at a whole lot of fun being had at someone else’s expense.  It’s still the same party but by now it’s been going on for 36 hours and only the hardcore are still dancing. Everything takes a sexy turn with the arrival of a well worked wobble that’s dressed to kill. This is not your typical “slap a wobble on it remix” either, the additional bass elements are mild and complimentary, designed to work within the original sound of the track, not overpower it. Married with the percussion, it’s a match made in heaven.

The Colz remix is one of the most interesting conflagrations of sound i have heard in some time. The track takes any number of side roads and byways on it’s journey, imagine walking down a street with a dozen clubs all pumping different versions of the same track, occasionally overlapping, swelling around each other until you hit that sweet spot right in the center where you can hear them all and it all sounds so good.

Follow the link below to grab the EP.